What is MRO

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations, and is commonly used while describing materials used in a manufacturing or process plant, but not part of the actual final product being made. Typical examples for MRO items would be spare parts, such as bearings, valves, or v-belts. Or it could be consumables like lubricants and cleaning supplies. All of these are considered as MRO materials or Indirect Materials. For asset-intensive industries, the MRO items can be mission-critical, as the non-availability of an important spare can even lead to a very expensive plant shutdown. Companies used to be challenged with managing the MRO spend efficiently since historically, MRO was not considered to be strategic as it is not part of the final product. However, this has changed rapidly over the last many years, as process industries recognized that MRO problems were eating into their revenue, and causing significant issues for plant maintenance and reliability, apart from realizing that their MRO material purchase and inventory holding costs were higher than industry benchmarks. This has led to MRO spend being given the attention it deserves. At Enventure, we simplify the MRO challenge, through a combination of methodologies, but the most important step is to ensure the organization has one unified, accurate MRO material catalog made available in a central ERP or EAM/CMMS system, driving multiple processes and transactions across the company. We provide MRO Data Cleansing and Enrichment solutions, that are delivered with ‘zero’ disruption to operations, at a very rapid pace and keeping costs of data transformation very affordable.

MRO Data Governance solution

For clients who work with multiple locations, we provide an MRO Data Governance solution delivered via our Partlinq MDG™ platform. We can also provide the entire catalog in multiple languages beyond English, such as French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian. For clients who don’t have even basic information on materials and assets, we provide plant walkdown services and crib crawls at their plant, to physically take inventory of assets, equipment, and spares, based on which the central system can be updated. Our blended delivery model using onsite and offshore resources for plant walkdowns makes this very cost-effective for clients.
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