Component Engineering

Enventure offers an array of Component Engineering services across industries such as Hitech Electronics, Industrial Automation, Telecom and Medical.

In today’s dynamic world, the demand for newer and faster electronic products has created the need for efficient support services to the electronics industry. To stay ahead of competition, companies have to continually improve processes and systems, do things faster than before and offer better quality at improved prices. Enventure understands the market needs and offers solutions to one of the biggest problems faced by the electronics industry – Efficient Component Data Management.

Our Component Engineering Services

Our Component Engineering solutions are an excellent proposition for those looking to reduce procurement costs, optimize the supply chain and streamline business practices. Leading companies across North America and Europe from domains ranging from Hi-Tech Electronics, Automotive and Telecom have leveraged our services to improve their leadership in the market. Our Component Engineering solutions are extensively used by OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Component Manufacturers, Component Distributors, as well as Product Development companies.

Our clients have seen value in our services as we align data with business goals, achieve faster compliance with regulations, reduce time-to-market and improve internal efficiencies.

The engineering team at Enventure is committed to deliver

  • Dramatic reduction in design cycle time
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Efficient Supply Chain management

Enventure’s portfolio of Component Engineering services include:

Obsolescence Management
  • Component Event Monitoring Services
  • Part Obsolescence Management
  • Component Cross Reference
Item Master Consolidation
  • Electronic component databases
  • Identification of high risk components
  • Management of supply chain
BOM Cost Reduction
  • Purchase consolidation
  • Identification of lower cost alternates
  • Low Cost Country (LCC) sourcing

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