The dynamic nature of companies in the Energy & Utilities sector, pressurizes companies to work aggressively on optimizing operational costs, amid increasing regulatory policies and reducing available organic resources. Companies have today developed smart and technologically advanced methods to improve efficiency as well as reduce the time to scale up and maximize output.

Enventure has been serving clients in oil & gas, power, water and renewable energy. Clients from these segments have been leveraging Enventure’s services for process engineering, piping layout, pipe stress analysis, mechanical design, civil and structural engineering, electrical & instrumentation control engineering and procurement engineering. Enventure has been involved in greenfield projects, involving large new plant erection and commissioning, as well as brownfield projects for capacity expansion, upgrades and other such similar needs.

Enventure also specializes in creating virtual engineering teams for clients in the energy sector, by provisioning multidisciplinary engineering teams that function as an extension of the client’s own internal teams. These teams would work on a variety of projects –be it creating asbuilt drawings, or developing models for a new plant setup.

Our exclusive MRO team at Enventure offers cost optimization services to Clients helping them reduce MRO procurement costs and material carrying costs. Bringing efficiency in the supply chain also ensures that downtime is minimized, which is very critical for the Energy sector. Enventure’s MRO Management includes comprehensive services like data correction, handling integrity issues in the ERP Material Master, identifying inventory levels, reducing inventory costs and effectively managing data for Process Optimization.

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