MRO Data Classification

The fundamental requirement of a good MRO material master is to have all commodities accurately classified as per industry standard classification system UNSPSC. Good classification systems follow a hierarchical structure, by grouping items into the right categories, which can be mapped to the company’s internal commodity structures as well.

In an asset extensive organization, there is a significant focus on the MRO supply chain, as MRO items are critical for plant uptime and reliability. There is also considerable spending on MRO items, driving the need for good spend analytics capabilities. A good data classification system enables powerful spend analytics, while also enabling commodity managers to manage procurement more efficiently.

There are various data classification systems available today, such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, ETIM, MESC, and ECCMA (ISO 8000) to name a few. Our team of MRO Engineers are experts at most industry-standard classification systems, and we have also developed customized classification systems for clients to meet specific business needs.

Our MRO Data Classification services enable:

  • Deep and accurate spend analytics
  • Efficient commodity management
  • Reduction in procurement and inventory costs
  • Compliance to spend limits
  • Focus on key spend categories
  • Optimization of supplierbase

UNSPSC Classification

UNSPSC is used across industries to classify, & categorize products

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eCL@SS Classification

eCl@ss is a standard product-grouping commodity code

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MRO Spend Analytics

Analyze your spending patterns in detail and optimize costs.

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