Asset Register Services

Asset Register is a structured list of all assets/equipment in a plant. It facilitates recording additions, disposals, revaluations, impairments, conducting an audit of assets and asset verification, estimating the repairs and maintenance cost, estimating the future capital investment, etc. An asset register also provides a single view to quickly learn about any asset owned by the business.

A plant asset / equipment register should include:

  • Plant/Unit
  • Section System
  • Location
  • Asset description with Key specifications
  • OEM
  • Model number
  • Serial Number
  • Tag number
  • Installation date
  • Operation start date
  • The first step of Enventure’ s asset management services is building an asset register. The initial asset register is created using P&ID drawings, equipment manuals, and other related technical documents. Enventure will conduct a plant walk down to collect the details of the assets on the ground and update/modify the asset register and build an accurate asset register with all relevant information.

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