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For all asset-intensive organizations, it is important to match physical equipment data with all systems, documents and processes. Very often, due to rapid growth and unplanned changes, the actual P&ID may vary from the ground reality. And systems like ERP or EAM/CMMS systems have inadequate or missing information relating to the assets and equipment, as well as associated MRO spares. The inconsistency or lack of information is often found across various plant documents, such as General Arrangement Drawings, Piping, and Instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and Line Diagrams for electrical and mechanical equipment.

This situation creates a huge challenge for efficient equipment performance and plant reliability, apart from increasing maintenance and operations overheads significantly.

Our Plant Walkdown solution enables organizations to update their systems and documentation to align the information to what is really on the ground. We deploy onsite teams to customer locations, to capture physical equipment information, as well as all other metadata relevant to maintenance, operations, supply chain, and engineering. The onsite team is supported by an efficient remote team, who would validate the information, to create asset registers, build equipment BOMs, identify commercialization opportunities, and support the overall project. The team also loads all the information into the client’s ERP or EAM/CMMS systems, to ensure the data goes live and is usable across the organization.

Some of the key activities we do during a Plant Walkdown are:

Onsite Services
  • Review P&IDs, redline markup variances
  • Capture data on assets/equipment
  • Compare EAM/CMMS data with physical assets
  • Review for plant layout changes
  • Physically verify MRO parts and identify missing information
Offsite Services
  • Update P&IDs (AutoCAD 2D or PDF)
  • Update Asset Registers
  • Enrich and classify data in ERP/EAM/CMMS system
  • Cross reference data from different systems and synchronize with walkdown inputs.

The Enventure team has cross-functional expertise in multiple areas, such as Engineering, MRO data management, Asset Management, Maintenance, and EAM Support – which is a truly unique combination of skills. The team also has experience serving clients across different industries, such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Food and Beverages, Pharma and Chemicals, to name a few.

Why do a plant walkdown?

You need to do it only if you have data discrepancies in the available documentation. Fixing the issue can help you:

  • Increase Wrench Time
  • Deploy Proactive Plant Maintenance schedules
  • Maximize Asset/Equipment Uptime
  • Ensure availability of the right MRO Spare parts at the right time
  • Reduce maintenance overheads


Plant walkdown process typically has 5 phases, learn more here.

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