Best Practices

The foundation for Enventure’s success has been the systems that have been designed and deployed internally to deliver speed, reliability and efficiency. Enventure has leveraged several industry best practices while implementing these systems.

Some of the best practices in use at Enventure

Rockefeller Habits
All the 3 major pillars of the Rockefeller habits – Priorities, Data and Rhythm are closely knitted into Enventure’s operational strategy and are an integral part of the daily rhythm. Living by the Rockefeller Habits, Enventure has been able to create a team that is very focused on their goals, has clear metrics that gives insights into their progress and has an effective pattern of meetings that maintain alignment and accountability.
The Kaizen philosophy is a part of Enventure’s DNA and enables tremendous growth and learning for individuals, teams, departments as well as management. It is a strong anchor that binds the cross functional teams across the organization together, in the quest for continuous improvement. The Kaizen philosophy has created several tangible benefits for the organization, in terms of efficiency, job satisfaction and customer delight.
Net Promoter Score
Enventure uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system for assessing the customer satisfaction index and has created a customer experience improvement program, based on the NPS scores received from clients. The NPS score is recognized internally as the pulse of the customer and is given a lot of weightage in assessing organizational performance. Enventure takes pride in averaging a score above 60, which is considered excellent by NPS standards.

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