MRO Data Governance

A well-designed MRO Master Data Governance (MDG) program is essential for the ongoing maintenance of MRO data quality. Good quality MRO data improves accuracy optimizes supply chain operations and lowers inventory costs.

All asset-intensive organizations commonly encounter data anomalies due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders managing CMMS / ERP / EAM systems across various locations and manufacturing facilities. Lack of standard taxonomy, single governance mechanism, and absence of streamlined workflow in building MRO catalogs and Asset BOMs hinders the control over spend analytics, accurate material data and supply chain management.

Many organizations do a “one-time cleanup” to get their MRO data organized, but the big question is – “How is the data going to stay clean?” This is where the Enventure MDG solution provides simple answers to several complex problems.

Enventure’s cloud-based MDG platform – Partlinq® MDG –helps organizations reduce the total cost of ownership and enable centralized MRO data governance across locations and functional groups. The MDG platform is a fine combination of Enventure’s data quality expertise, MRO domain expertise, and unique technology, all of which together provide a truly unique and affordable solution to clients.

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Our managed service model with the MDG platform enables organizations to take control over their inventory, ensure availability of the right MRO part at the right time, and implement efficient data governance. The seamless integration of Partlinq MDG with CMMS/EAM systems such as IBM Maximo ensures that accurate data drives multiple transactions across the enterprise.

Salient features of our Master Data Governance solutions:

  • Easy implementation of standards, business rules and taxonomy
  • Fully customizable workflow to meet organizational needs
  • Quick creation of standardized MRO catalogs
  • Enforce single point data governance mechanism
  • Intelligent data quality checks and validations at multiple points
  • Easy and accurate UNSPSC classification and material naming
  • Multilingual material data descriptions
  • Associate MRO items to assets & equipment, build spares BOMs
  • Prevent creation of duplicate items
  • Integrate to CMMS/EAM systems, such as IBM Maximo, SAP, Oracle
  • Improved speed and accuracy of data analytics

Importance of Master Data Governance

Master data is the powerhouse of an asset-intensive organization & consistency is very critical.

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A robust MDGis essential for keeping data clean inside ERP/EAM system like SAP or IBM Maximo

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Partlinq MDG

Ensure integrity and consistency of your MRO Data on an ongoing basis.

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