Product Information Management (PIM) Services

For a successful e-commerce strategy, it is essential to have accurate and complete Product Information Management (PIM) for enhancing the consumer experience, boosting sales, sharpen marketing strategies and improving ecommerce analytics. An efficient digital strategy relies on high-quality and consistent product data.

We provide everything from product data sourcing (whether online or direct supplier engagement) to data enrichment, in order to validate, enrich and curate content, as well as cross-reference the data within the PIM data system. The product database we provide for your PIM system is consolidated and classified from multiple sources, both online and offline. We can help curate content, to enhance the existing product data and improve accuracy across various mediums. In addition, we assist clients with creating their PIM blueprint, including data models, taxonomies, attribute schemas, and ongoing data governance systems.

We have helped clients across industries such as Retail, Consumer Goods, Electronics, and Industrial Supply Chain, as they implemented or enhanced their eCommerce program. Most companies face challenges with poor PIM data quality in PIM, which we resolve by providing:

  • Accurate product classifications, and product attributes
  • Clear descriptions and product metadata, that gives the customer clarity
  • Greatly improved ecommerce experience, that increases customer retention
  • Detailed analytics of commodity sales, and reduction of dead stock
  • Improved SEO rankings, by fixing product data indexing issues
  • Precise benchmarking of competitors, to map market pricing
  • Enhanced customer engagement with customized content curation
  • Reduced costs of product returns

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