Master Data Governance for SAP and MAXIMO

Master Data Governance (MDG) is critical for organizations to maintain the integrity of their key data assets on a long-term basis; data such as material master data, asset data, vendor data, and customer data. Master data quality maintenance is always a challenge for organizations, as the data is accessed or updated by multiple people across functions and geographic locations. To keep the master data clean and up to date, a robust Master Data Governance (MDG) strategy and technology platform is essential, so that data going into an ERP/EAM system like SAP or IBM Maximo is consistent, complete, up-to-date and de-duplicated.

Enventure provides a comprehensive Master Data Governance solution, leveraging over two decades of experience providing Master Data Management services to clients from different industries. The Enventure MDG solution for MRO materials is delivered as a managed solution, via the Enventure Partlinq™ platform.

The key elements of Enventure’s MDG program are:

  • MDG policy: Analyse the current workflows and quality of the data and define a suitable MDG policy. The policy will cover many aspects such as quality, privacy, retention and risk management.
  • Taxonomy and definitions: Study the current taxonomy, material naming convention, dictionary and make necessary changes and improvements to ensure multiple users from multiple systems follow the same rules and definition to avoid creeping in bad data.
  • Process mapping & Workflow design: Evaluate the current processes, how master data flows through business processes, how data is being created, used, compliance risk exposure, etc and design most suitable workflow for the ERP/EAM – SAP /Maximo to ensure accurate and consistent data is getting into the system.
  • MDG Technology: Enventure’s Partlinq™ MDG platform enables organizations to take control of their MRO materials data and implement data governance effectively via a central system. The seamless integration of Partlinq™ MDG with ERP, CMMS/EAM systems such as SAP / IBM Maximo ensures that accurate data drives multiple transactions across the enterprise. Intelligent data validation, smart workflows, and multilingual capabilities make Partlinq™ very valuable for organizations wishing to improve their data governance.
  • Managed Service: Our managed service model for Partlinq™ MDG ensures consistency and accuracy of data going into the ERP/EAM system. The master data specialists at Enventure take care of your Master Data Governance (MDG) through well-defined and efficient workflow management.
  • Training: Provide cataloging training to the internal team to follow the required standards and policies so that process owners have a clear understanding of data quality requirements and ensure consistency across datasets.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure accuracy of data on an ongoing basis
  • Prevent data corruption and duplication over time
  • Minimize data quality risks
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Minimize internal data governance overheads
  • Quick creation of standardized MRO catalogs
  • Seamless integration of data to ERP or EAM/CMMS systems (IBM Maximo, SAP, Oracle etc.)
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