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The right Product information is the backbone of every successful e-commerce industry. A well-managed Product Information Management (PIM) system enables an organization to build, maintain and grow its product database. The system provides instant access to data that’s reliable, scalable, well-organized, and capable of meeting the growing needs of any business. The product information repository has to be very well maintained, to ensure effective successful use of data, by internal and external stakeholders.

Product Information Management Consulting

E-commerce businesses or vendors transacting with online businesses require the experience and expertise of product information managers to leverage their product data repositories. Mere possession of data or investing in PIM software is not enough.

As the owner or manager of an e-commerce business, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do we have the in-house expertise to gauge the efficacy of different PIM software? Which PIM should we use?
  • Can we measure the quality of data on our own? Is the data aligned with industry-standard taxonomy? What about its accuracy and classifications? Is the data complete, cohesive, and useful?
  • What can be done to structure the data accurately, so the PIM system can deliver great value and improve customer experience, ultimately leading to increased sales?

In all probability, you will find it difficult to get answers right away. This is because Product Information Management and importantly PIM data quality, may not be a strong area of expertise easily available within your organization.. PIM professionals, with specialized skills and experience, can help you classify, structure, organize, maintain and use your product data repository efficiently.

The Importance of Professional PIM Consulting Services

Are your in-house data specialists fully equipped to handle the PIM software and data? Can they align the PIM framework to your business needs?

With a plethora of software applications available, it can often be confusing to choose the ‘Best PIM system’. PIM Consultants at Enventure can provide expert advice around areas ranging from PIM system selection to mapping PIM processes and defining data management protocols that can ensure deployment of a sustainable approach to PIM within the organization.

PIM consultants are also adept at defining the scope very specifically, and guiding the implementation and pilot testing. They can handhold you at every stage of the PIM implementation or upgradation process, as well as provide continuous support thereafter for ongoing improvements.

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