Why do you need Accurate PIM?

An accurate PIM system enhances customer experience, leading to direct tangible benefits, such as higher sales, improved brand reputation, higher profit margins and increased repeat business.

A robust PIM implementation is key to achieving a competitive edge in the eCommerce space. With a reliable PIM solution in place, you will have consistent product information that flows to all stakeholders, across multiple channels. By integrating multiple systems and data sources, organizations can improve the flow of reliable product data across systems.

Benefits of Product Information Management (PIM)?

A reliable PIM system can provide excellent ROI on eCommerce investments, and yield many benefits such as:

  • Superior Product Data and Content: With accurate data classification and taxonomy, organizations can deliver high-quality product information, which is very important and valuable for a buyer. A good content curation program woven into the PIM strategy, can help companies ensure that reliable product metadata is made available to the end consumer.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Consistent omnichannel information delivered via a PIM system eliminates inconsistencies and ensures an improved customer experience. An efficient PIM system eliminates any ambiguity in product cataloguing and delivers a clean smooth experience to customers, leading to maximized revenue per customer and increasing repeat business.
  • Reduce Returns and Cancellations: An efficient PIM system enables organizations to provide accurate product information that is clear and detailed, to make sure a consumer is making a purchase that is aligned to expectations. Complex filters can be enabled on the eCommerce interface for consumers to deep dive into their preferences and needs. Purchases made leveraging good data, always leads to less returns and cancellations, saving the seller quite a lot of time and money.
  • Efficient eCommerce Analytics: The PIM system doubles up to provide a dashboard for analyzing various key parameters that are crucial to ecommerce success, such as consumer insights, behavior patterns, sales trends, campaign performance, category-based up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, and many more. Great analytics can provide the organization better insights into the detailed consumer journey of a successful sale, and carve the path for increasing the lifetime value of a customer.
  • Easy Data Integration and Cost Savings: A robust PIM system acts as a single source of all product data served across platforms such as websites, digital stores, mobile applications, point of sales, and any other interface within the eCommerce infrastructure. The real-time visibility of product data helps avoid delays in information updates, and makes product details such as product descriptions, pricing, discounts and stock availability very easy to maintain, and lowers the cost of ecommerce maintenance.

The managed PIM Solution from Enventure gives you ready access to an expert team of Data Analysts, Product Catalogers, Content Curators, Data Science Experts, Commodity Managers and eCommerce specialists, with experience in both B2B and B2C industries. The fact that our solution is focused on the end-to-end integration of the PIM system with the various content sources, makes PIM management a breeze for our clients.

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