Customer Testimonials

  • Environmental Compliance Engineer
    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd
    Enventure team was very professional with excellent customer service, they always learn our process or customer’s special requirements very fast, all MPS request was replied by Enventure in time. We are very satisfied with the support which provided by Enventure and look forward for a further cooperation. MPS highly recommends Enventure as a reliable partner for companies that require end-to-end Environmental Compliance Support.
  • Project Manager
    Eaton Corporation Plc
    Enventure has proven to be a capable business partner that understands and effectively executes on project requirements within agreed upon timelines. Enventure’s responsive attitude helps resolve concerns in an efficient manner, thereby ensuring that all deliverables meet appropriate service level agreements.
  • solarflare
    Director- Quality
    Solarflare Communication Inc
    Enventure team was very professional with excellent customer service. High-quality deliverables were provided in a timely manner enabling Solarflare to meet our internal deadlines. The relationship has been mutually beneficial and we look forward to continuing to leverage Enventure’s expertise.
  • Design chain associates logo
    Design Chain Associates, LLC
    Enventure has shown great diligence, flexibility and responsiveness when faced with non-standard requirements or requests that might turn others away.Enventure’s breadth of expertise, attention to details, turnaround time and capabilities result in their being an extremely capable and cost-effective service provider that we would recommend to any manufacturer looking for competent assistance with supply chain data collection and maintenance, as well as their suite of other services.
  • Engineering Supervisor
    RWL Water LLC
    Enventure approached us with a clear plan, showcasing the effectiveness of getting the project completed by their team of experienced design engineers. The team demonstrated its expertise in Autodesk Inventor as well as iParts & iAssemblies.The Quality of the parametric model delivered to us is very good.
  • AES environmental process engineering logo
    Sr. Project Manager
    AES Arabia Ltd.
    We partnered with Enventure to extend our daily scope of engineering work comprising mechanical, civil, structural & electrical. The knowledge base at Enventure gave the team a valuable competitive edge. The expertise showcased during the project execution helped enhance our deliveries. Enventure team valued our priorities and worked excellently within stringent timelines and delivery schedules. We have already recommended the team to our close associates and will continue to do so in the future.
  • Director of Engineering
    Compass Water Solutions
    We have contracted Enventure to provide engineering design services to our company and we have been very happy with the association so far. Enventure has been exceptionally responsive to our engineering design and calculation needs for our vessel capacity designs. Working with the team at Enventure has been a great experience as they met our expectations at all counts. The team smoothly adapted to our engineering processes and standards, and provided services which were high in quality and on schedule. The engagement has been very cost effective and enabled us to keep projects well within budgets. We look forward to a continued relationship with Enventure and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a reliable engineering partner.
  • Doosan Group logo
    Team Lead, Engineering
    We awarded Enventure a project to complete CIP Pump skid design and drafting. Enventure team was very competent in successfully carrying out the scope of work which included 3D modeling, P&ID, generating GA’s, Frame and Piping fabrication drawings with BOMs. During the course of the project, the team at Enventure was responsive at all critical stages and met our expectations and quality standards. We look forward to engage with Enventure for our future Plant Design Engineering projects, and would confidently recommend them to anyone looking for an efficient engineering partner.
  • Growth Supply Manager
    This is excellent and I believe that this is exactly what our customer is requesting.
  • Head of Codification
    I’m impressed that you’ve made the effort to adhere to the new instructions so quickly!
  • Infineon logo
    Senior Manager
    We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you and your staff for providing Cross Referencing Services to our company. Your Engineering team has been very knowledgeable and flexible when handling the database search. In particular, we are pleased with the fast response time from your team in delivering the required information to us. The efficiency and quality of your service had helped our company to compete effectively in the semiconductor market. Thank you once again for your excellent and reliable service.
  • VP – Operations
    ClearOne Communications
    Thank you for the comprehensive material data collection, analysis and reporting work done for our regulatory environmental compliance initiatives. Your effective, timely and professional green compliance services made it a breeze for us to achieve regulatory RoHS Compliance. Enventure’s expertise transformed what we thought to be a complex process of material data collection to an effective and action-oriented data compliance report that provided complete information required for achieving RoHS compliance. I would highly recommend Enventure Technologies for Component Engineering and Environmental Compliance content management.
  • Eaton power business worldwide logo
    VP - Global Supply
    Wrightline’s relationship with Enventure has delivered substantial value both in terms of reduced operating costs and enhanced turnaround times critical for our customer service. Enventure consistently provides dependable and professional support for both Pro-E engineering and AutoCAD activities. The overall price / value relationship with Enventure has been exceptional, delivering annual operating cost reductions. The Enventure team has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to assimilate our needs and requirements into their organization. Our relationship with Enventure is one of our core competitive advantages in the markets that we serve. I can recommend Enventure with no reservations.
  • Director – Engineering
    Keytronic EMS
    Enventure has provided our company with BOM review services; Enventure has been very flexible in setting up a system that met our specific requirements, including providing reports to us in a unique format for us. The quality of the information has been very good. Overall I’ve been very happy with their flexibility in providing customized information and services with good quality, and will continue to use them for this type of service as we have needs.
  • Engineering Manager
    Enventure provided us with a solution that was in real demand internally! Enventure’s RoHS services impressed us and the engagement with Enventure enables us to get RoHS Compliant with minimal investement. We were able to mitigate supply chain risks and decrease purchase cycle times, with the support that Enventure provided us. The Enventure team was highly responsive and proactive and very sensitive to our requirements. We are very happy working with Enventure and look forward to a continued association with them.
  • Master Data Manager
    BB Electronics A/S
    I really appreciate the speed with which you solved this, even though it was of a labour demanding kind, and I only gave you a very short notice, and handed in the job only as you were about to close for the day.
  • Sr. Manager
    Honeywell Technology Solutions
    The deployed resources for REACH program are doing a great job and delivering the work as expected by our customers and few times exceeded their expectations. In recognition of their good work, we are awarding them with a Team Excellence Award” as a token of appreciation.
  • Director, Supply Chain
    Vanguard EMS
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Enventure for your support on RoHS compliance BOM scrubbing. Vanguard greatly appreciates Enventure’s responsiveness and accuracy with your RoHS compliance validation process. It has allowed Vanguard to provide superior service to our customers.
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