RoHS Compliance Services

Enventure’s suite of RoHS compliance services provides comprehensive solutions that enable companies to meet their compliance obligations on time – without having to stretch and strain their own internal resources.

Enventure’s RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Compliance Services are specifically tailored to meet each Client’s individual needs. Enventure’s RoHS Compliance Consultantsassist Clients in analysing and implementing a corporate compliance strategy, which enables them to face the challenge of bringing about an overall revamp in their approach to sustainable product development and manufacturing.

We take the lead in compliance data collection, which calls for collecting and maintaining information about the compliance status of each part used by the Client, be it a standard off-the-shelf part or a custom or mechanical part or assembly. Apart from providing the information supplied by the manufacturers of the parts, we also assist our Clients in developing verifiable documentation on the compliance data collected. This audit trail is crucial to prove due diligence, should any RoHS enforcement agency call for verification of the RoHS compliance declaration.

RoHS Compliance Services empower clients to proficiently address compliance obstacles, including:

High costs of collating data, as well as the time consumed in sourcing information from suppliers.

  • Varying material declaration formats, from one supplier to another
  • Tracking ongoing changes to the regulations and related exemptions
  • Complexities of interpreting the legislation and its impact
  • Difficulty in identifying replacement materials that comply with the legislation

Enventure’s Compliance Division
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