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Our IMDS support service offers comprehensive coverage for global automakers, suppliers, and distributors. The services that we offer include IMDS consulting, supplier engagement, MDS collection / validation, and report generation. Each of these services are custom made and are provided on a modular basis to meet your specific IMDS needs. Moreover, we can integrate our services with your PLM system or other collaboration system to ensure accurate MDS data availability. IMDS provides significant value to our clients by creating Material Data Sheets (MDS), validating supplier MDS, managing REACH chemical compliance reports, and ensuring the IMDS system runs smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to being cumbersome and time-consuming, IMDS data management requires specialized knowledge and expertise. The IMDS system can be confusing to many suppliers, and they can make mistakes during a submission, which can affect your submission to your customer and your ability to meet OEM deadlines.

IMDS Report

It is important to first identify the tasks and responsibilities involved in your IMDS project before you decide what resources to allocate. By evaluating the IMDS data, reviewing parts lists, mapping the project scope, defining the management requirements, and establishing the schedule for implementing the program, our team can deliver quality IMDS data.

We have a dedicated supplier engagement team that can assist your company with supplier communication, coaching, and query resolution. A cloud-based software can also be provided to establish real-time dashboards to ensure your IMDS project is successful.


Material Compliance specialists at Enventure have an in-depth understanding of IMDS platform, reporting requirements, and other major regulations, such as RoHS, REACH, SCIP, and Prop 65. By leveraging Enventure’s broad compliance knowledge, the customer can meet multiple compliance requirements, beyond IMDS.

Our IMDS consultants help you with:

  • Accurate Materials Data Sheets (MDS) validated by seasoned IMDS engineers, which are ready to be submitted.
  • Ease of IMDS reporting, while we take care of everything end-to-end clients don’t have to worry about increased overheads
  • Availability of dedicated multilingual supplier engagement team works in different time zones to contact suppliers and coordinate MDS submissions efficiently
  • On-demand and real-time guidance and recommendations on specific requirements of automotive OEMs and manufacturers
  • Cloud-based technology for tracking and reporting MDS requests in real-time

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