Conflict Minerals Compliance Services

As an industry leader in compliance, Enventure is one of the first companies to offer services that enable companies to comply with Conflict Minerals regulation.

All major importers of Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, and Gold i.e., 3TG; needs to declare the source of import supporting the international efforts to reduce trade in conflict resources.

In 2010, US Congress passed the ‘Dodd-Frank Act’, with rules requiring SEC-listed companies to disclose the use of conflict minerals, to determine whether imports are originated in the DRC Zone or is recycled from scrap sources. Additionally, Starting January 2021, a new law will apply across the EU – the ‘Conflict Minerals Regulation’, by OECD; to check the imports are responsible supply chain of minerals and not from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

Both these regulations bring new challenges like, the gap in traceability and proper documentation, which are critical in compliance assessments and declarations. Not all suppliers could deliver a complete set of information may it be compliance certificates or material source information. Our conflict minerals compliance services range from customized Consulting to Gap Analysis to Training and Conflict Mineral Reports in the latest template for RMI and validating the information, thereby helping organizations to fulfill their regulatory need in specified time with high-cost efficiency.

Exclusive services to our partners are:

  • Engage with suppliers, coach and collect the CMRT
  • Clarify all queries of suppliers related to CMRT
  • Validate the collected smelter data against smelter database for accurate smelter reporting.
  • Deliver accurate, verified CMRT to the clients.

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