Alternative Procurement Strategies

Relying on a single source for MRO items, exposes the organization to the possibility of not being able to get critical supplies in the event of any disruption in supply. Alternate sourcing also helps reduce procurement costs, while also evaluating and improving other key parameters such as product quality, lead time, MOQ and commercial terms.

Enventure’s s alternate procurement strategy is designed so your MRO supply chain goals can be integrated with the strategic sourcing initiatives. The analytics-based sourcing methodology is supported by over two decades of sourcing expertise, which is proven to deliver cost savings as well as ensure part availability at optimum levels. Our MRO commodity specialists have deep knowledge of the global supply, to ensure sustainable results that improve profitability. Our sourcing team in India has very good access to suppliers in Asia, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, etc. Our sourcing strategy also covers commercialization of OEM parts, to enable you to reduce costs of buying expensive OEM spares.

We do a thorough analysis of several key elements, before developing and implementing an alternate procurement strategy. Some of the aspects we consider are:

  • Who are the critical and/or high-risk suppliers?
  • Which parts are single source, and critical?
  • Are the buying prices among the best in the market? (Benchmarking)
  • Which suppliers contribute most to the cost of poor quality?
  • How has supplier performance been on other parameters like on-time delivery?
  • What are the supply chain risks the organisation is exposed to?
  • Root cause analysis of production stoppages

We configure the alternate sourcing process based on the analysis of above factors and many more, to align the sourcing process with your business goals. Enventure’ s robust alternate sourcing strategy, MRO commodity expertise across multiple domain and experience in Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS), collectively enable clients to rapidly realize value, by minimizing risks, reducing costs, optimizing inventory and improving plant maintenance and reliability.

Our Strategic Sourcing team enables you to benefit in multiple ways, such as:

  • Inventory Cost reduction
  • Identify cost effective alternate MRO parts
  • Convert OEM spares to commercially available alternates
  • Healthy competition among suppliers, to improve quality, price, terms
  • Reduce maverick purchases, and costs
  • Improved supplier management
  • Optimized Spend analytics and cost management
  • Reduced plant downtime, improved reliability
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