Importance of RCM Strategy – Reliability Centered Maintenance

A Reliability Centered Maintenance(RCM) strategy enables asset-intensive industries to extend the life of their assets, maintain plant integrity, minimize or eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Enventure’s RCM solutions are designed to accurately define plant performance objectives such as improve asset performance, prevent failures before time, and optimize operational expenditures by reduced repairs, overhauls, and downtime.

Advantages of Implementing RCM strategy with Enventure:

  • Determine methods of mitigating risks by implementing a structured process to identify whether predictive, preventive, or run-to-failure strategies should be used as per the asset criticality.
  • Optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), enhance planned asset maintenance and drastically reduce MTTR and MTBF.
  • Ensure every aspect of the plant operations are documented for continuous performance assessment and improvements.
  • Help you align plant maintenance with business goals and provide greater insight into the risk profile of the organization.

Our RCM Services:

  • Develop a comprehensive RCM strategy to assist efficient failure management and maximize asset availability.
  • Define optimal maintenance strategies for every equipment and each significant failure mode.
  • Identify and address potential failure conditions using the latest predictive maintenance and condition monitoring technologies.
  • Conduct criticality analysis to prioritize scheduled maintenance, minimize the frequency of occurrence, and reduce costs.
  • Enhance failure troubleshooting capability through structured documentation of failure symptoms and causes.
  • Establish a centralized data repository to record information on all maintenance activities.
  • Minimize expensive unscheduled/reactive maintenance requirements.
  • Provide training sessions to all stakeholders on-site and assist in setting up an effective RCM program.

Enventure’s tailored made RCM strategy helps identify opportunities in plant performance improvements and aids data-based decision making.

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