Expediting Services

In the world of MRO logistics, the on-time delivery of MRO spares and materials to multiple plant locations is one of the major challenges. A delay in receipt of goods at the site can cause plant downtimes, delays in plant turnarounds and cause huge costs, disproportionate to the cost of the spare itself!

Our end-to-end Expediting services support organizations to coordinate with suppliers for Purchase Order transmissions, Order confirmations, scheduling shipments, monitoring key milestones, providing clarifications and essentially following through all the way until a Proof of Delivery is obtained on the delivery due date.

The most common challenges in MRO logistics is Missing or delayed order confirmations, Past Due Deliveries, Lack of Proof of Delivery, or miscommunication somewhere along the chain. Any delayed delivery of materials can affect spares availability and hamper the plant operations significantly.

Our dedicated team of Expeditors has experience working in multiple ERP systems and carry a high degree of supplier engagement skills. The expeditors work multiple time shifts to cover global suppliers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The team also has multilingual capabilities, which can be leveraged if needed to interact with suppliers who may not be fluent in English.

The expeditors also work closely with the suppliers to ensure all documentation requirements are met, to avoid any shipment, customs, or regulatory issues later which may cause delays. Enventure has been effective in delivering an average 20% increase in order confirmations, and 80 to 90% improvement in expediting orders for clients worldwide.

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