Plant Walkdown FAQs

  1. What is a Plant Walkdown?

    The plant walk down is a physical verification of plant, equipment, and spare parts data. It is a process of collecting detailed information of plant including P&ID drawings, plant design/schematics, spare parts and location of each equipment. The major objective of plant walkdown is to stitch gaps between the actual plant and data across EAM / CMMS systems.

  2. When should I do a plant walkdown?

    Often organizations are face issues with EAM/CMMS data not matching the ground reality. Also, the data inside systems may not have enough information to identify the right spare part when needed. You need a plant walkdown if:

    • The plant layout difference in drawings versus the actual location.
    • The P&ID and asset data are not matching with what is at the plant.
    • The spare parts of equipment are not updated accurately inside the EAM/CMMS Systems.
    • The increasing in non-moving inventory across plants
  3. What is the approach to plant walkdown?

    Enventure has conducted multiple plant walkdowns to help organizations reduce wrench time at least by 15%. Enventure has a unique offering in plant walk down service:

    • Blended Model: In this model, we provide combination of lean on-site and heavy off-site resources to collect, validate and update plant /asset data. The on-site engineers take care of the data collection and transfers the same to off-site team for data enrichment, standardization and classification as per industry standards. The advantage is the faster completion of the plant walk down and at a much lesser cost. While the on-site team transfer data to off-site team, the data enrichment and integration happens in real-time
  4. How long a plant walkdown take and How much does it cost?

    Any plant walkdown depends on various factors such as number of production sites, number of equipment/assets/spare parts and the quality of existing data. Hence, the whole activity would take from a couple of weeks to a few months. The cost depends on the level of detailing and approach adapted to conduct the plant walkdown.

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