MRO for Pharmaceuticals

The MRO supply chain is rapidly expanding and evolving, creating new optimization opportunities for Pharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers. But the resulting complexity for an asset-intensive industry, such as Pharma, can be daunting for manufacturers who may lack the MRO optimization expertise internally.

Enventure provides a host of MRO solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry, ranging from MRO Master Data Excellence, Inventory Optimization, Master Data Governance, Reliability Services, and Asset Management, to enable clients to improve plant uptime, keep maintenance costs under control and mitigate risks.

Most pharmaceutical companies constantly look at improving their procurement processes and achieving savings on indirect material spend, without increasing risks unreasonably. The dynamic marketplace often drives the organization to adopt better procurement management to save costs and remain competitive. A plant downtime due to a poor maintenance strategy or non-availability of a critical spare is unthinkable, while its also crucial to ensure they don’t overstock inventory, which takes up money as well as storage space.

The bottom line is that plant maintenance, sourcing, and asset management need to be run very efficiently, for a pharma company to stay healthy. And in most cases, these functions are managed fully within their enterprise ERP or EAM/CMMS systems. But these systems often do not support intelligent decision making or lead people in the wrong direction or lack critical information. A deep analysis often reveals that bad MRO data really affects the performance and ROI on ERP or EAM/CMMS systems.

MRO Challenges faced by Pharma Industry

Here are a few typical challenges faced by asset-intensive industries like Pharmaceuticals:

  • Poor MRO Data Quality: Involvement of various stakeholders, absence of a robust data governance program, multiple ERP or EAM/CMMS systems and mergers & acquisitions – all lead to inconsistent or bad MRO data.
  • High Procurement Costs: Supply chain professionals lack spend visibility and tend to incur unintended costs in sourcing and procurement, as well as leads to overstock.
  • High Maintenance Costs, Downtime: Maintenance and operations teams face high costs due to unscheduled maintenance or unexpected downtime.
  • MRO parts unavailability: Critical spares being unavailable on demand can trigger very expensive plant downtime, as well as purchases at very high costs.
  • Lack of information: Most maintenance teams struggle to identify spares required for each equipment, as they don’t have equipment spares BOMs. This makes it really hard to plan ahead and implement a reliable maintenance strategy.
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