MRO for Food & Beverages

A big challenge for the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry is ensuring they meet all regulatory compliance and safety standards applicable in the regions they operate in. Unlike other industries, the Food and Beverage industry needs specific MRO parts that don’t react with the ingredients (i.e., Food Grade Material), for many of their spare parts.

Our comprehensive range of MRO Solutions enables Food and Beverage manufacturers to implement industry-specific taxonomy, identify specialized material suppliers, and differentiate between food-grade MRO parts and non-food grade MRO parts. We also standardize and enrich food-grade MRO parts to improve your overall Inventory Management System, enhance Spend Analytics capabilities, improve parts availability, increase plant reliability and raise the bar on sourcing efficiencies.

An important step in organizing MRO and related data is to analyze the spares based on criticality and map spares to each equipment. Building out equipment BOMs is a key service we provide to Food and Beverage manufacturers, so the maintenance and supply chain teams can map MRO parts to critical equipment, and plan the stocking strategy accordingly. In some cases where the client may not have an asset register that is up-to-date and accurate, it is recommended to do a plant walkdown to build and refresh the asset register. Enventure has teams that can be deployed to local sites for doing such plant walkdowns.

The ongoing data quality maintenance is also very important, as data quality tends to erode over time with multiple people from different locations accessing the data. Enventure’s Master Data Governance solution is delivered as a managed service, via the Partlinq MDG™ platform.

Food and Beverage manufacturers

build a seamless integration between your various systems and ensure the integrity of your MRO data. The standardization of the data taxonomy, BOMs, Asset Registers and Equipment BOMs also enables organizations to improve routine tasks like work order management, PO processing, Spend Analytics and Alternate sourcing, leading to larger strategic benefits such as reduced inventory carrying costs and improved plant reliability.

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