MRO Cataloging

The entire enterprise benefits from having a centralized MRO Catalog that has detailed information relating to all the MRO items in use or available in stock. Enventure offers customized solutions, to create, manage, and update your MRO Material Catalogs as per established standards like ISO 8001. The Enventure solution is powered by Partlinq, a web-based platform designed and developed by MRO experts based on industry needs. While the platform provides for unified workflow management and data governance, Enventure’s team of MRO Data Specialists help you develop world-class catalogs, that are reliable and can serve as the basis for all transactions.

The MRO Catalog typically includes multiple key elements of information, such as the ordering part number, manufacturer details, short descriptions, long descriptions, commodity classifications (UNSPSC, eCl@ss, or other) and key attribute information. The catalog can be multilingual if required and loaded into the ERP or EAM/CMMS system to serve as a central database of MRO spares. The catalog can also be mapped to key supply chain and procurement information, such as MOQ, Pricing, Quantity, Approved Vendors, and Lead Times. Associating Equipment BOMs to the Catalog also enables ease of access to spares information for maintenance teams working on improving plant reliability.

Enventure’s data governance platform Partlinq MDG enables supply chain stakeholders to update and expand existing line-items while maintaining the integrity of the MRO catalog.

Benefits of a good MRO Catalog

A high-quality MRO catalog provides for direct cost savings for supply chain while improving maintenance and reliability for plant operations.

Some of the key benefits of having a good MRO Catalog in place are:

  • Avoid false stock-outs or overstock inventory
  • Increases efficiency and reliability of plant maintenance
  • Eliminate duplicate material data
  • Facilitates centralized MRO data management
  • Reduces procurement costs, enables supplier rationalization
  • Enhances data integration between ERP and EAM / CMMS systems
  • Enables spend analytics and intelligent reporting

With the ability to customize MRO catalog as per the needs of your industry, Enventure helps you save time, reduce costs, optimize resources, and prevent conflicting reports in your supply chain.

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