Partlinq MDG

How are you ensuring the integrity and consistency of your Material Master Data on an ongoing basis? Do you have a Master Data Governance (MDG) policy and data quality monitoring framework? The deteriorating quality of MRO material master data over a period is one of the major challenges for many organizations. Multiple systems and multiple people, across business functions and geographic locations can corrupt the data rapidly – if there is no data governance policy defined or technology platform implemented to govern the data. Enventure’s Partlinq™ MDG platform enables organizations to manage and maintain their MRO data quality, by implementing a centralized MRO data governance system, utilizing technology to enforce the defined quality standards. The cloud-based Partlinq MDG™ platform has been developed leveraging our two decades of expertise in Master Data Excellence, the strong MRO commodity expertise, our experience across industries, and our unique proprietary technology – all of which together provide a truly unique and affordable solution to clients. As a managed service, clients can be assured of maintaining data quality, with minimal investment of time and resources by internal resources. The MDG platform ensures data integrity across ERP and EAM/CMMS systems, to provide trusted data that can enhance decision-making intelligence for plant operations, equipment maintenance, inventory management, and reliability engineering. Partlinq™ MDG can be integrated with any major ERP or EAM/CMMS system, such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, to name a few. The multilingual capabilities of Partlinq MDG™ make it more valuable and acceptable to global organizations. Our managed service model with the Partlinq MDG™ platform enables organizations to take control over their inventory, ensure availability of the right MRO part at the right time, and implement efficient data governance.

Salient features of Partlinq® MDG:

  • Easy implementation of standards, business rules and taxonomy
  • Fully customizable workflow to meet organizational needs
  • Quick creation of a standardized MRO catalog
  • Enforce single point data governance mechanism
  • Intelligent data quality checks and validations at multiple points
  • Easy and accurate UNSPSC classification and material naming
  • Multilingual material data descriptions
  • Associate MRO items to assets & equipment, build spare BOMs
  • Prevent the creation of duplicate items
  • Integrate to CMMS/EAM systems, such as IBM Maximo, SAP, Oracle
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