ERP, EAM, CMMS Integration FAQs

  1. What are the Data transfer options available in ERP, EAM and CMMS Systems?

    ERP, EAM and CMMS Systems can exchange data both synchronously and asynchronously through several protocols/Handlers. Below are the some of the protocols/Handlers available for data exchange with external system.

    • Flatfile
    • XML
    • XMLfile
    • HTTP
    • JMS
    • Interface Tables
    • Webservice
  2. What Error Handling/Management available for EAM/CMMS integration?

    Error Handling depends on the protocol used for the integration. All protocols have the error handling mechanism and even can send email to system admins. Depending upon the protocol, error messages can be obtained from queue or from the tables. When we use HTTP protocol error handling are very minimal.

  3. Can EAM system reproduce a transaction in case of system failure?

    The reproduction of failed transaction is subjective to available configuration and technology. However, with a custom configuration during the integration design phase helps identify needs of various protocols used in procedures such as manual creation or correction in both systems, which can be formulated and tested during the testing phase.

  4. What are the various Data transformations options available for integration?

    Each system has specific data structure so data mapping or data transformations may be required. Most EAM/CMMS provides options like User Exit class (Java Class), XSL Mapping, Processing rules to apply transformation logic specific to the system. For complex interfaces, Middleware systems like Biztalk server, TIBCO etc., are used to transform all in and out bound transactions of both systems.

  5. How to ensure data security during Integration?

    Most of the EAM / CMMS integration Framework includes support for J2EE security to restrict access based on authentication and authorization. The data security can be ensured by configuring communication protocols at each level between different systems.

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