Connected Maintenance Managed Services

Running a plant on maximum and sustainable performance is a challenge for all manufacturing organizations. Plant reliability depends on real-time knowledge of asset functioning and upcoming risks associated with it. Lack of forecasting an equipment failure and actionable insights to overcome such failure will hamper the plant uptime.

The major cause of plant failure is disconnection between People, Process, and Technology. Enventure’s Connected Maintenance Managed Service will help in creating the most reliable plant operations by stitching everything together. We enable you to monitor the status of assets/equipment, manage IOT alerts in a single window, and turn data into proactive action items. With the true integration of People, Process, and Technology, we enable asset-intensive organizations to focus on their core business and maximize production.

Our Managed Services include:

  • Remote condition monitoring of critical parameters of the entire plant
  • Develop and manage the IOT dashboard customized as per EAM/CMMS systems
  • Identify probable issues with each equipment before time
  • Offload the internal work to specialist engineers to manage the asset performance dashboard
  • Trigger timely notifications to applicable plant maintenance staff about criticality of an asset/equipment
  • Generate frequent reports on asset performance or on-demand basis

Benefits of the connected maintenance managed services Program:

Our Managed Service model has evolved with new technology and has been effective in enhancing the maintenance activities with data driven insights. Most organizations do not have sufficiently trained staff or time to formally deal with use of technology in plant maintenance, upgrades and repair. Our dedicated managed service program helps you:

  • Gain visibility and manage risks by integrating all plant-wide asset performance, and data presented in a single view.
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and efficiency by replacing unnecessary routine-based maintenance activities with condition-based and predictive maintenance activities.
  • Take right action at the right time by defining workflows and based on real-time asset performance data.
  • Derive valuable insights over time on maintenance and asset performance with Enventure’s SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).

Enventure’s Connected Maintenance Managed Services will help organizations reduce the frequency of unexpected plant shutdowns, streamline plant operations, decrease maintenance workload, and most importantly without increasing manpower overheads.

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