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Within the Waste Framework Directive, ECHA has set up the Substances of Concern In Products (SCIP) database for 2021. From 5 January 2021, organizations distributing products/articles in the EU market will have to submit information into the SCIP database for all articles containing a candidate list of substances with a concentration of 0.1% W-W.

Our SCIP Compliance services help identify SVHCs and do a BOM analysis of the products as per REACH Regulation. Our dedicated SCIP compliance experts you to meet the REACH requirements by preparing a SCIP database file and export in Euclid I6Z format for submission. We also create SCIP dossiers as part of the turnkey offering and support organizations to comply with SCIP database reporting requirements.

Organizations that manufacture, import or supply products containing the SVHC Candidate List substances in concentration above 0.1 % weight by weight items as per REACH Regulation must submit information on Substances of Concern In articles, as such or in complex objects (Products)to the SCIP database. The requirements include complex objects and products consisting of more than one article. This report must be submitted to the SCIP database within six months of the inclusion of the SVHC in the list.

Our SCIP solution includes:

  • A centralized cloud platform to manage product information as per EU REACH requirements.
  • Collection, validation, and storage of supplier compliance documentation for all products
  • Developing product level compliance reports
  • Identify a list of SVHC and prepare a SCIP dossier for reporting

Enventure provides comprehensive SCIP Compliance solutions to help organizations manage their materials/articles information which includes:

  • Identification of the articles
  • Safe use of information
  • Concentration of SVHC in articles

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