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Enterprise data management – what every business should know

Whatever kind of business you’re in, enterprise data management is what makes it run efficiently.

Enterprise data management, or EDM, is a generalist term describing the way in which data is stored, retrieved, organised and presented. Specialised enterprise data management solutions are available in the form of database modelling tools and system software. There are several such programs on the market, often developed by specialist Master Data Management companies who provide an outsourced service.

Many people wonder what the basics of an effective enterprise data management program are, and how it differs from master data management. To explain this, you first need to know what enterprise data management actually means.

EDM and MDM (master data management) are often used together, MDM being part of enterprise data management. EDM refers to the way in which internal and external data is used to further the aims of the company employing it, and varies accordingly. For example a component engineering firm will use EDM tools for stock control, and tracking the popularity of different lines. This can be anything from new FPGA designs to obsolete semiconductors, so sub-categorisation is essential. On top of this comes profit versus expenditure; environmental compliance, and possible new avenues of revenue such as eCommerce. In short, enterprise data management covers everything a company needs to operate effectively and efficiently.

Enterprise data management solutions currently on the market include SAS, Zema and Bakbone software. However, many businesses turn to us at Enventure Technologies for their enterprise data management needs. We are unique in offering a wide range of solutions, ranging from Bill of Materials (BOM) cleansing to component engineering services.

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