What’s new in IMDS Recommendation 025

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IMDS Recommendation 025 – Evaluate the product’s recycled and bio-based content. It is an updated recommendation released in IMDS Release 14.0 that provides guidance on evaluating the recycled and biobased content of products. The IMDS steering committee has decided to enhance IMDS’ functionality so that it can facilitate and enable communication of recycled and bio-based content in materials and (semi-)components throughout the supply chain. The following add-on points are included in IMDS version 14.0 as part of this initiative. Added Recyclate:
    · Chemical Recyclate · Bio-Based Content
Added classification:
    · 6.x, 7.3 and 9.x
For newly added classifications, IMDS version 14.0 allows you to add recyclate information and source information. IMDS Recommendation 025 has the following benefits:
    • In some countries, companies are required to report recycled and biobased content in order to comply with regulations. The IMDS Recommendation 025 can help companies meet these requirements. • By using recycled and biobased materials, companies can reduce their environmental impact. Guidelines for identifying and using recyclable and biodegradable materials are provided in IMDS Recommendation 025. • Business can provide their customers with more information about their products’ environmental impact by reporting their recycled and bio-based content. As a result, companies can build trust with their customers. There are several drawbacks to IMDS Recommendation 025: • To comply with IMDS Recommendation 025, data collection can be time-consuming and expensive. • The IMDS Recommendation 025 can be complex to understand and implement. • Having insufficient data can make it difficult to accurately assess a material’s recycled and bio-based content.
IMDS Recommendation 025 has some drawbacks, but it is still an important initiative. It can be used by companies to comply with regulatory requirements, improve environmental performance, and improve supply chain transparency.
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