What Does GADSL Mean?

GADSL is the acronym for Global Automotive Declarable Substance List, and like the ELV directive is specific to the motor industry. It was the result of a one-year initiative by the GASG, or Global Automotive Stakeholders Group.

The GASG comprises representatives from various areas of the automotive industry, including associated industries. Its purpose is to exchange knowledge and supply information regarding the various materials used in automotive engineering.

The GADSL was formatted to clarify the declarable substances used in the automotive industry, lists of which have appeared in recent years owing to new RoHS directives. It was obvious some form of master data management scheme was needed. The GASG therefore set about creating a single, global list with clear, transparent guidelines within a manageable and easily updated framework.

The primary reason for a substance to be included in the GADSL list is that it is already under regulatory control (or likely to be in the future), and will be present in the vehicle at point of sale. So, hexavalent chromium present in a corrosion-resistant fastener on the vehicle would be included, but a fastener on a transfer pallet would not. It’s important to realise that just because something is exempt from GADSL rulings doesn’t mean it doesn’t come under some other REACH directive.

We at Enventure Technologies realise that for many, GADSL is just another headache to add to the growing list of RoHS directives. We offer a full range of environmental compliance management solutions to help you check, manage and understand your GADSL obligations.

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