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Movie Animation for the Mechanical Engineering Industry

January 8, 2011 Tags: , , , ,

You may not think motion capture and crowd simulation have much to do with engineering animation, but in fact these are just two techniques that mechanical design companies use to visualise their products. Creative 3D modelling and 3D CAD animation have become mainstays of the engineering industry, used in everything from planning initial concepts, to computational fluid dynamics, to advertising the final product to potential buyers.

Motion capture, in which human or animal movement is digitally recorded, is familiar to games designers and animated movie makers. However, it can be used to replicate any movement (i.e. that of fluids) and thus is a useful tool in engineering CAD. Crowd simulation reproduces the movement of one object to symbolise many. The possibilities go far beyond creating impressive Coliseum scenes in gladiator movies.

3D CAD animation software has been developed for many industrial uses, including interior and architectural design; medical CAD visualisation; naval architecture and company presentations.

Architectural and interior design: Interactive 3D animation system software has been developed to allow designers to create, furnish and redesign room interiors. It is also used by estate agents to offer clients virtual tours of prospective homes, including virtual show homes of prospective builds.

The medical/veterinary/scientific field: CAD animation is used to explain biological concepts, show interactive surgical techniques and demonstrate/design medical equipment.

Naval architecture: Ships designed using 3D animation range from warships to cruise liners. The new Queen Elizabeth and Oasis of the Seas were designed exclusively using CAD visualisation and engineering animation tools.

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