Enventure is awarded a multiyear contract for procurement support from a leading integrated supply chain solutions company of North America.

October 20, 2019

Portsmouth, NH; October20, 2019– Enventure has signed multiyear contract with a major Integrated supply chain company in US having warehouses across North America and Europe. Enventure will help the company in purchase order (PO) tracking, order confirmation and delivery.

The client manages store room of large manufacturing companies including fortune 500 companies. Thousands of suppliers across the globe and the client’s decentralized operations are resulting in an increase in PO delinquency and stockouts.They wanted to have a solution for effective PO tracking, order confirmation and procurement expediting.

Enventure’s expertise in procurement expediting process and the cost-effective solutions helped to bag this contract. Enventure’ s expediting resources will work in different time zones to monitor the progress of manufacturing at the supplier’s plant to ensure the required parts arrive at the agreed location, to the agreed quality and to the agreed contractual delivery date. As a part of the process our resources, who are skilled in production planning and manufacturing process; not only follow the progress to ensure on time delivery with right quality and quantity, but also work with the suppliers to identify delays and potential problems to maintain schedules. If any delay is anticipated the expeditors provide an early warning to the clients for initiating remedial action to minimise the its potential impact on the plant.

“Our robust process, procurement expertise and industry experienced multi-lingual expeditors helped many clients to reduce their operational and transactional costs and, delays in the supply chain.We don’t just do current status reporting; our expediting service focuses on minimising the cycle time of every phase of the procurement process. The effectiveness of our process and the competency of the expeditors are constantly monitored and improved to ensure high standard service delivery, Says CK Bharathan -VP Operations

About Enventure:

Enventure Engineering (enventure.com) is a privately-held, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified Engineering and Supply Chain Solutions company, with full-fledged delivery centres in India. Enventure has been serving clients in North America and Europe since 1997 and is today a preferred supplier of engineering and master data management services to Fortune 500 companies, across different industry verticals such as Hi-tech Electronics, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing. Enventure provides a wide variety of services to Clients, in areas such as Plant Design Engineering, Building Engineering, Master Data Management, MRO Data Services, Component Engineering, Environmental Compliance Support and Product Design.

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