Enventure has successfully secured a contract with a prominent global manufacturer to provide Master Data Enhancement services

October 18, 2023
Enventure has signed a contract with a global manufacturer of float, ​value-added and fabricated glass products, and solutions. As part of the agreement, we will provide support for Data – Cleansing, Classification, and Enrichment Services.
This global industry leader is renowned as one of the preeminent manufacturers of an extensive array of glass products and innovative solutions, encompassing a diverse range of offerings such as float glass, value-added products, and meticulously crafted fabricated items. Their comprehensive portfolio includes a spectrum of glass applications, from architecturally striking glass for commercial and public structures to residential glass solutions enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of homes.
The primary objective of the client’s collaboration with Enventure is to engage in consultancy that focuses on comprehending their key MRO data enhancement challenges. Subsequently, based on these findings, Enventure will implement solutions aimed at fulfilling their immediate objectives for data optimization, while keeping in mind their long-term goals related to procurement, plant maintenance, and asset utilization. This includes the receipt and processing of data sets in accordance with agreed specifications to ensure standardized data.

Comprehensive Scope of Engagement

  1. The client’s engagement involves the timely delivery of data sets, followed by meticulous processing and standardization of the data in strict accordance with agreed specifications.
  2. The data cleansing process includes tasks such as assigning approved item names, associating UNSPSC codes according to project specifications, populating attribute values and units of measurement (UOM) from the provided input, applying taxonomy, and ensuring that no additional information is incorporated beyond what is available in the original input legacy data.
  3. In this scope, data enrichment encompasses augmenting the dataset with a comprehensive set of attributes. It’s important to note that if the online catalog is unavailable, Enventure will conduct data cleansing and standardization based on the information provided in the input.
“Under this paradigm, we help organizations redesign their Master Data Enhancement practices and transform their processes to achieve maximum efficiency across various functions. Through this partnership, we hope to help our client obtain valuable insights into costs and supplier management, as well as help them stay ahead of technology and remain agile.”, says CK Bharathan – Head of Compliance and Master Data Management, Enventure.

About Enventure:

Enventure Engineering (enventure.com) is a privately-held, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified Engineering and Supply Chain Solutions Company, with full-fledged delivery centers in India. Enventure has been serving clients in North America and Europe since 1997 and is today a preferred supplier of engineering and master data management services to Fortune 500 companies, across different industry verticals such as Hi-tech Electronics, Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing. Enventure provides a wide variety of services to Clients, in areas such as Plant Design Engineering, Building Engineering, Master Data Management, MRO Data Services, Component Engineering, Environmental Compliance Support and Product Design.
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