A leading General Contractor Has Selected Enventure Engineering As Exclusive Drywall Engineering Partner For Their Hospital Building Projects.

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The Client is a multi-disciplinary Engineering, Contracting and Construction company and one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East with a turnover of over US$1 billion. It has consistently delivered projects, providing value-added engineering, construction and service skills to customers for whom the quality of execution, efficiency and reliability are critical.

The project involves developing Drywall Detail Drawings for a 1.2 Million sq. ft. facility where 90% of the internal walls are envisioned as Drywalls. The work is expected to be challenging given the fact that this is for a hospital building that has complex MEP requirements.

As part of its work Enventure will perform a thorough review of the proposed Structural, MEP, Medical Gas, Equipment, Interiors, FF & E requirements to develop uniform partition layouts. In addition, the project entails defining profiles for slabs & beams, developing details for loads on partition, building GI stud supports around HVAC Duct cut outs, door/window openings and Plywood backing to bolster support for case goods which are fixed on to the dry wall partitions.

Tight budget, accelerated schedule and new technologies have changed the construction delivery system. Drywall contractors have started utilizing the full potential of all available software’s in the industry for minimizing delays and reducing costs. Enventure offers drywall contractors with clash coordination, shop drawings, and detailing to complete extent required.

“It’s a great honor to be working with such a large brand. We have setup a 10-member team headed by a Senior Architect. We have conducted extensive research to find out innovative and lean way of delivering the project. Component Libraries have been created for various Wall Types, Doors, Windows, Frames etc., to save rework and optimize timelines” says Girish Shetty, Head of Engineering at Enventure.

Enventure has always strived towards re-defining productivity with technology-driven solutions and expert engineers.

About Enventure:

Enventure Engineering LLP (enventure.com) is a privately-held, ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 27001-2013 certified Engineering and Master Data Management Services company, with full-fledged delivery center in India. Enventure has been serving clients across the globe since 1997. Today, a preferred supplier of Engineering and Master Data Management services to companies ranging from Startups to Fortune 500, across various industry verticals such as Hi-tech Electronics, Construction, Automobile, Medical, Power & Water, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Manufacturing. Enventure provides a wide array of services to Clients, in areas such as Plant Design Engineering, Building Engineering, Product Design, Technical Documentation, Component Engineering, Environmental Compliance Support and Master Data Management.

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