Enventure wins a re-engineering project from a leading thermal solutions manufacturer

June 10, 2016

Enventure, a global provider of design engineering services won a re-engineering project from a leading designer and manufacturer of thermal solutions for medical, aerospace, and shipping.

The client has over 50 years of industry expertise in liquid cooling, has a strong and experienced engineering team that provides quality manufacturing. They have a wide product range comprising all thermal components and administer cost-effective and innovative solutions. The range includes cold plates, chassis, chillers, cooling systems, and heat exchangers that are used under a variety of challenging thermal scenarios.They also cater to effective customer service which helps them deliver reliable and cost efficient thermal solutions.

The Client recently acquired a company that was manufacturing similar products, however during the acquisition no old product drawings were transferred. Thereby, leaving the client with existing products out in the market but no legacy drawings or part details. Enventure has been given the project to build the 3D models and manufacturing drawings from hand sketches, pictures, work instruction sheet/assembly instruction sheet and BOM. The Client chose Enventure as the team demonstrated prowess in Solidworks, E-PDM, and machine building.

Enventure’s Business Head of Design Engineering on the occasion said, “The team is thrilled to have a new client onboard though understanding the Client’s product portfolio has been a daunting task. However we have been able to apprehend the Client’s specific product requirements and have initiated the delivery process that will play a critical for the maintenance and dysfunction of existing products or future analysis for such products.”

About Enventure Engineering LLP

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