Enventure Wins PCB Data Migration Order From European Army Technologies Supplier

January 21, 2011

Enventure Technology Services, a leading Engineering services and mechanical design solutions provider to global corporations, has won a major contract with a top European supplier of army technologies, which will see them perform vital PCB data migrations.

As just one of Enventure’s many services, the PCB data migration will enable the Client to offer value added support to its customers, allowing for better and easier data management. The client is a supplier of army technology and military hardware, with an extensive history of research and development in new technologies, to enhance the protection and capabilities of friendly forces.

PCB data migration is one of the offerings from the Enventure engineering team, which has extensive skills in areas such as PCB design, mechanical design, product design, FPGA design and component engineering. Many global leaders have utilized Enventure’s data migration services, which involve translating essential data from one or more CAD systems or PDF drawings to a new preferred CAD platform. This has been of huge benefit to various companies that have been trying to consolidate CAD data and store it in a uniform platform.

“We have provided PCB data migration for many companies over the years, and this is a very exciting client to work with,” commented a spokesman for Enventure. “They evaluated over six service providers and chose Enventure from among the six; primarily because they were impressed with the solution we offered them, which met every one of their needs, while also being very efficient and cost effective. This is an essential service for companies today, and with the kind of mergers and acquisitions happening in today’s world, companies will face increasing challenges dealing with disparate data from various CAD systems. The client has a solid reputation and has done some incredible work over the years, and winning this order means Enventure will get to work with yet another fantastic company.”

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