Enventure Wins Industrial Design Project With A Leading Player In The Medical Device Industry

April 20, 2017 Tags:

Enventure Engineering LLP, a global provider of Design Engineering, and Master Data Management Services has won an Industrial Design project from a leader player in the medical device industry. The client focuses on specialty mobility products, and excels in design and manufacturing of products that are conceived and custom developed for helping people with disabilities and special needs. As they expand globally, today their products serve customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Enventure will collaborate with the client to solve for design engineering challenges, with a value driven approach i.e. understand product utility, user’s emotional attitude, and adapt to user’s cultural style. This collaborative approach, will help our client to constantly create newer products that are simpler and easier to use by people with special needs. With an integrated lean project management system, the teams will work in tandem to design products in 30% lesser time, and have cultural nuances applied to the product. Enventure will bring-in its industrial design thought leadership, and product engineering skillsets to this engagement. Enventure will also manufacture, and deliver full-sized prototypes to the client.

About Enventure:

Enventure Engineering (enventure.com) is a privately-held, ISO 9001:2008 certified engineering solutions company, with full-fledged delivery centers in India. Enventure has been serving clients in North America and Europe since 1997 and is today a preferred supplier of engineering and master data management services to Fortune 500 companies, across different industry verticals such as Hi-tech Electronics, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing. Enventure provides a wide variety of services to Clients, in areas such as Plant Design Engineering, Building Engineering, Product Design, Mechanical Design, Technical Documentation, Component Engineering, Environmental Compliance Support and Master Data Management.

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