Enventure to help assembly operations for a large HVAC systems manufacturer in US

Portsmouth, NH February 20, 2020 – Enventure is helping a large HVAC systems manufacturer to transform its assembly operations. The Product design engineers will develop detailed step-by-step work instructions videos to facilitate assembly line operators and assembly inspectors to ease the workload.

The client is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial HVAC systems. The client is a specialist in the design and manufacture of direct expansion and hydronic air supply systems for schools, hospitals, stadiums, airports, condominium buildings, and other commercial facilities. The Company also manufactures air handlers, coils, and unit ventilators systems.

The client was facing challenges with longer lead times in the assembling HVAC products due to a lack of engineering knowledge amongst line operators, production workers, and inspectors. The language used in the instruction manual was also a barrier to the diverse workforce on the shop floor. Enventure developed a system that produces step-by-step interactive videos using 3D models for all complete array of products manufactured by the client.

Enventure will set up a team of dedicated product design engineers who will develop a system with the set of assembly operations to show in each product model and then render action diagrams with animations to explicitly depict the operations required to assemble each part.

The design engineers deliver work that includes:

  • Adopt cognitive design principles for effective assembly instructions.
  • Set space for feasible assembly sequences to find one that best to suit the requirements of each assembly.
  • Generate action visuals with the use of 3D models to clearly depict the parts and operation required in each assembly step.
  • Define the hierarchy of operations by showing operations each subassembly, which eventually considers the operations required to join significant individual parts.
  • Provide appropriate orientation to assembly visual and maximize the number of important parts visible in the instruction video.

Commenting on this win, Girish Shetty, Head – Engineering Services says “Thanks to our Engineering Solutioning experts, we have turned our decade’s knowledge in Engineering to drive meaningful business outcomes. Our team will be able to deliver more strategic and proactive ways to ultimately improve our customer’s productivity, which in turn enables us to deliver robust capabilities that help clients drive revenue and optimize plant operations.”

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