Enventure Technology Develop Ruggedized XMC Modules For VPX Applications

November 19, 2010

Enventure Technology Services, a leading Engineering and Supply Chain services provider to global corporations, have completed the ruggadisation of XMC modules to be used for VPX applications.

The VPX-XMC modules are developed for both VPX – Conduction and VPX – Air cooled enclosures and the mechanicals of the modules are designed in confirmation to VITA “Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation” (REDI) standards.

Ruggedization ensures that the XMC modules are designed to suit the harsh or difficult environments that REDI standard enclosures are subjected to.

“Enventure’s mechanical engineering design services team are respected and recognized for their expertise on rugged design, and this latest development is just another milestone in the long list of successfully completed design projects,” says a spokesperson for Enventure Technology. “VPX applications need to be kept at optimum performance levels, and the new ruggedized XMC modules will go a great length to make this possible. Our highly-qualified, experienced team has worked hard to create something very special.”

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