Enventure Completes as Built Project for a Large Energy Infrastructure Enterprise in Canada

September 17, 2014

Successfully updates as-built drawings for one of North America’s leading energy transportation and service provider.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire (17 September ’14)

Enventure Technology Services in partnership with its Canadian Associate completed a project to develop updated and accurate as-built drawings for a large energy infrastructure enterprise in Canada. The Client was provided an end to end solution right from doing site inspections, validating blueprints, capturing construction deviations, documentation for future planning and thorough drawing updation. As-Built Drawings are the final set of drawings produced at the completion of an engineering project and include all the changes that have been made to the original engineering drawings. They usually contain modifications, field changes, design changes, extra works and every detailed change that was approved and made during the construction and commissioning phase. It also includes handwritten notes and sketches explaining the changes.

The client is known for its safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible operations. Enventure enabled the client to create accurate as built drawings that would further pave the way for robust safety planning and strengthen its operational framework.

The Head of Engineering at Enventure said, “Enventure develops detail oriented documentation for as-built drawings and provides critical information about the deviations and their implication in the future. Enventure has built its expertise in the domain and today has a process that is efficient and cost effective for the client. . This latest project we completed will surely enable the client to mitigate the risks associated with on-site deviations and promises to be the commencement of a mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies.”

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