Enventure co-hosts a webinar on ‘Product Data Compliance Management: Strategy to Success’

May 27, 2015

Enventure, a global provider of Environmental Compliance Services co-hosted a webinar on Product Data Compliance Management: Strategy to Success over the last couple of days for manufacturers across the American as well as European market.

The webinar was conducted with an objective to deliver relevant industry related product compliance management content that would enable the participants to gauge their current compliance strategy and prepare them for handling the process more effectively. Enventure’s team of compliance experts, with their extensive knowledge base went through multiple discussions to come up with the most enriching content for the webinar. The session was planned such that important subjects around compliance, including the advantages of using full material declaration approach, disclosure format standardizing, benefits of running supplier training, internal team vs outsourcing approach, compliance tools for reporting & data management, requirement for refreshing the compliance data, testing of components, reporting & auditing process, were covered extensively with examples and best practices. After a successful webinar run, Mr. Unni Mecheeri, General Manager at Enventure was elated to share, “The webinar was well accepted by the participants. The responses generated helped us to get a step closer to the market and relate our best practices with the challenges that manufacturers face today due to the changing environment. Our efforts in building industry specific content got realized when each participant exited the webinar with noteworthy pointers that would simplify their compliance management process. We look forward to conducting more such knowledge sharing platforms in the near future.”

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