Enventure Awarded Alternate Component Sourcing Contract for Robotics Company

June 10, 2011

Enventure Technology Services, a leading engineering services and compliance data services provider to global corporations, has been granted a contract by a leading manufacturer of industrial robots and modular manufacturing systems, to source alternate components for single-source parts and other high-risk parts.

As part of this project, Enventure will be required to identify Form, Fit and Function equivalent alternate parts. This is a sub-service of Enventure’s obsolescence management services, which involve checking the lifecycle status of a particular component or part. If a part is end of life, not recommended for new designs or is already obsolete, Enventure sources alternate parts which can perform the same or similar function. This service has helped many companies save money by staying ahead of the curve and keeping a tab on which parts need to be replaced in order to maintain the product lifecycle.

Working with this leading robotics company will require Enventure to check a component’s lifecycle status and source alternate products to reduce future risks of future obsolescence events, which can cause problems with a company’s manufacturing and engineering processes.

“Obsolescence management and sourcing alternate components and parts is an essential service which Enventure have been providing for a long time, and many companies have already seen the benefits,” commented a spokesperson forEnventure. “As this robotics company manufactures a wide variety of products and the products typically have long life cycles, it is imperative that their operations remain as smooth and uninterrupted as possible. By sourcing alternate components we will be ensuring that their product lifecycles remain high and that they avoid the risk of component obsolescence, which can be problematic and expensive to resolve if known too late.”

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