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System software for environmental compliance management

The new RoHS and REACH EU directives are making it more important than ever to have clearly defined obsolescence management and data cleansing strategies when planning your engineering projects.

Environmental compliance management (ECM) is complex, involving a high degree of component cross-referencing, data cleaning and other tasks related to the Bill of Materials. For this reason, many companies invest in specialized system software to help them manage. However, just like 3D modeling, the software can be time-consuming and complex to use. There are also a lot of poorly designed packages out there. For this reason, a growing number of companies are outsourcing the work to enterprise data management firms specializing in manufacturing support, like us at Enventure Technologies.

Effective, trustworthy environmental compliance solutions enable engineering companies to store data, produce ECM reports, perform component cross-reference checks (such as the status of soon-to-be obsolete semiconductors) and manage BOMs. This will enable them to remain REACH and ROHS compliant, at the same time maintaining a smooth onward supply chain to their customers.

Environmental compliance solutions should:

Enable BOM scrubbing, loading and editing.

Simplify data management by storing all relevant documents (Certificates of Compliance, BOMs, full material disclosures etc) in one secure place.

Include a component cross reference library listing compliant components.

Include a supplier management system that can be linked and cross-referenced to other areas of the system.

Include secure data export capabilities.

Environmental compliance services like ours use a combination of cutting-edge system software and commonsense to ensure you don’t suffer supply problems or risk prosecution by the RoHS/REACH EU directive.

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