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System Software for Product Lifecycle Management

February 16, 2011 Tags: , , ,

Product lifecycle management follows the entire lifecycle of a product from early CAD drafting to final dismantling for disposal. A number of enterprise data management solutions are available in the form of specialised system software packages, designed to integrate and organize the various stages of the product’s lifespan.

PLM data management is far more complex than a single piece of software. It relies on a battery of tools and practices that work together, managing a single stage of production, uniting different stages or managing the entire product lifecycle. Some system software providers offer products filling a particular niche, while others cover the entire process. Similarly, some applications cover more fields than others, often packaging several modules together.

Many product lifecycle management fields overlap, and some software apps support more than one area; a single data model supporting a package of several modules is generally the best approach, to avoid unnecessary duplication. Two important areas of PLM are the reuse of acquired knowledge for new projects, and the co-ordination of projects running concurrently.

There are five main areas of PLM management:

  • System development and engineering – focuses on meeting primary customer needs and co-coordinating all elements of the systems design process.
  • Product/portfolio management – manages allocation of resources, and tracks progress.
  • Product design.
  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Product Data Management – captures and maintains information on products during development and lifespan.

PLM concerns not just product data management, but the technology, people and processes involved as well. Integrating all this is a mammoth task, even with the specialised system software packages available. We at Enventure Technologies offer a full range of enterprise data management solutions to help you cope.

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