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Interactive technical documentation as an Enterprise Data Management tool

March 8, 2011 Tags: , , ,

Enterprise Data Management is defined as: ‘The ability of an organization to precisely define … integrate and … retrieve data for both internal applications and external communication.’ Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the field of technical documentation.

Instruction manual design is at the hub of the electronic or mechanical engineering workshop, from both a usage and production point-of-view. Usage, because every tool and system software package needs accompanying instructions, and technical documentation, and production because every hardware design produced for your customers requires the same.

In today’s high-tech world of 3D CAD visualization and interactive system software, there’s no need for manuals and work instructions to be kept in paper form – or even as static PDF files. Today there is a wide range of software products that utilize CAD visualization and other tools specific to technical documentation. They offer far more than just static on-screen versions of traditional manuals, and are as far removed from the world of desk-top publishing as it’s possible to get.

Via tools of this type, a system engineer is able to generate 2D to 3D graphics, CAD animations, etc directly from CAD data files, but without the need for CAD design software. The programs can be integrated with other software used as part of your data management plan, so when engineering systems are modified, the virtual instruction manual designs can be updated accordingly. Additionally, it makes one set of work instructions accessible to all.

We at Enventure Technologies offer a range of enterprise data management and technical documentation services for electronic and mechanical engineering firms.

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