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MRO maintenance and how it can profit engineering companies

Success in mechanical engineering requires peak performance in all areas in order to remain ahead of the competition. In this respect, master data management, including MRO maintenance, goes hand-in-hand with well-researched hardware designs and quality tooling. In 2005, the ARC Advisory Group suggested that over 60% of all mechanical engineering companies don’t have an effective maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) management strategy. Yet MRO is the lifeblood of any engineering organization, streamlining productivity and avoiding unwanted expense. In mechanical engineering companies, the ‘O’ can mean overhaul, as well as operations – a pointer to how important MRO maintenance is. Simply put, MRO is the area of master data management that covers the tools of your trade. As well as routine maintenance, equipment upgrades etc, it also covers the unscheduled repairs needed when mechanical or electrical systems break down. This ‘R’ element of MRO maintenance is arguably the most costly, since it can involve the emergency purchase of replacement parts at premium cost, and a break in the outward-bound supply chain. Evidently, the more finely-tuned your scheduled and preventative maintenance system is, the less emergency repairs will be needed. MRO can be defined as all the actions that maintain or restore an electrical or mechanical system s0 that it can perform its required function/s to its maximum potential. It combines technical, managerial and administrative actions, ranging from routine servicing schedules to technical documentation, and crosses into other areas of MDM such as obsolescence management and data cleansing. MRO data cleansing is just one of the master data management services offered by us at Enventure Technologies.
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