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3D Rendering – Where Art Meets Design

March 14, 2011 Tags: , , ,

Computer Aided Design has come a long way since the early days of 2D CAD drafting tools. Today, a massive amount of information can be conveyed by 3D rendering of images, using professional software to give an uncanny degree of photorealism. One example is the 3D Max Render platform; a widely used mechanical design tool developed by Autodesk Media.

The 3D render process combines 3D modelling with photo realistic rendering. Using industry software, a physical object is created as a 3D wire-frame model on screen. This is then converted into a photorealistic image using techniques like texture mapping. In CAD animation, good quality 3D rendering can be almost indistinguishable from film footage. 3D Max Rendering has been used for video games, commercial TV productions and movies such as Avatar and 2012, as well as engineering and architectural design.

It would take several volumes to explain the full process of 3D photorealistic rendering. Basically, the image is generated from either a single wire-frame model, or a group of models (called a scene file). The more complex the scene file, the more difficult the process becomes, as attention must be paid to geometry, shading, texture, lighting and view points (as in traditional art). Otherwise, the effects can be unrealistic and, in the case of CAD animation, cartoonish.

We at Enventure Technologies employ a skilled team of 3D rendering experts, who using the latest 3D Max Render software can make your own design sketches an exciting reality.

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