EPR Support Services

Enventure partners with product manufacturers, importers, distributors for their Extended Producer Responsibilities and offers custom-built solutions that allow the producer to boost their Corporate Sustainability profile by building environmentally friendly products.

Enventure team of EPR specialists primarily cater to the EU Batteries, Packaging Waste & WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives and offer custom services approach to all their Clients. Having strong roots in design and data management the company understands the relevance of designing environmentally friendly products that have longevity and do not impact the society adversely.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a global policy that has been floated to contain the hazardous influence of some products like Electronics, Vehicles, Batteries, Lubricants, Fluorescent lamps, Tires and Packaging. Due to its evolving nature and inconsistencies in application across the globe, manufacturers often suffer from irregularities in their reporting data as well as compliance management processes.

Enventure thus offers effective & efficient EPR Reporting solutions that enable the manufacturers to build a robust compliance management process that can minimize the irregularities. Thereby supporting them in avoiding multiple business risks like financial, statutory and brand related.

Enventure provides the following expert EPR services for:

  • Secure data collection & submission services
  • Result validation
  • Liability calculation (country specific)
  • Fully documented & transparent audit trails
  • Scheme Submission Reports
  • Software integration with various ERP/MRP/PLM systems
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