Does Your Company REACH Compliance?

Electronics components disposed of in landfill sites have been proven to have toxic effects on the environment, releasing their chemicals into the soil where they entered the water supply or food chain. Good environmental compliance management is essential to electronics manufacturing companies today.

However, it creates a major headache – especially when you’re working to tight deadlines. Every component purchased must be carefully checked and recorded with respect to the materials it contains, so that at the end of its useful life it can be disposed of or recycled in the correct manner. This is why so many companies turn to the environmental compliance solution offered by us at Enventure Technologies. We help you collect and manage data relating to the components and parts you buy, so you can comply with REACH regulations.

REACH is an acronym for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & restriction of Chemicals, an EU regulation which came into force in June 2007. Under this umbrella are a number of other regulations specific to the electronics industry, such as RoHS/WEEE compliance.

RoHS refers to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, which came into force in July 2006. This places strict, legally enforceable restrictions on the use of 6 hazardous chemicals in electrical and electronic equipment manufacture. The waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, or WEEE directive, is closely linked to this, but places targets on the collection, recovery and recycling of electronic goods. It’s obvious that with the large dependence placed on manufactured electronics goods today, something must be done to reduce the amount of toxic hazardous waste going into landfills.

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