How Photorealistic Visualization Services Can Help Your Company

If you are involved in the ‘nuts and bolts side of construction and engineering, modern CAD visualization software can be a bit of a closed book. Tools like 3D Max render are complex and sophisticated, and while trained CAD design engineers find them easy to use, it can take weeks of training for the uninformed user to get to grips with the concepts.

3D modeling and CAD animation have come a long way in recent years. Originally, images were simple and static; then came simplistic ‘walk-throughs’ which, although they allowed you to see the object from many different angles, lacked detail and realism. Now, the seemingly impossible has been achieved: photorealistic rendering of purely imaginary concepts. This is the essence of concept design. The concept cars you see on TV ads aren’t even solid prototypes – they exist only as computer files (which can then be fed into industrial hardware to create the “touchable” prototype, of course).

When an engineer sees something in their mind, it’s with photorealistic precision. This cannot be recreated at the drawing board; however good an artist you are, it’s still a 3D pencil drawing. However, if you outsource your project to us at Enventure Technologies, we can turn that drawing into a truly realistic interpretation of your ideas, with state-of-the-art 3D rendering tools. Our visualization services cover architectural, industrial, automotive, electrical, interior and many other types of CAD design. Using mechanical CAD and 3D modeling software, we can work with your company from initial concepts to final prototype, no matter how complex your design

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